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Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in St. Tammany

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Suits on a Rack

Dry Cleaning

Shelby’s Dry Clean Delivery Service is an organic dry cleaning business available for those in St. Tammany and surrounding areas. We do not use any chemicals in our cleaning process. Instead, we use a technique called hydrocarbon cleaning. First, the garments are rotated at half of a turn; then, air with hydrocarbon is blown into the clothing in order to remove any dirt or other substance.

Dry cleaning will get your products and apparel clean without using water. This will clean the material and ultimately prolong the life of the garment. It removes almost any stain and set-in dirt, which can cause fiber abrasion. Dry cleaning also removes grease and oil stains as well as prevents shrinkage and preserves color. It is much more effective than washing at home!



At Shelby’s Dry Clean Delivery Service, we also offer laundry services for shirts, cotton pants, and plenty of other items that require laundering. The water temperature on our washers is electronically monitored, while the soap is added at the most effective moment for ideal results. If you do not have time to do laundry, leave it up to us! You and your garments will receive the best care possible.

Suit Alterations


We have talented associates who specialize in alterations and can take precise measurements. These services range from shortening pants to complex wedding dress alterations. Give us a call to schedule an appointment during the time our alterations specialist is in the store!

Wedding Dress Delicates


Delicates such as underwear, bras, boxers, briefs, socks, lingerie, and other items with lash or mesh material require gentle washing and special care. This prevents rips, seam separation, and staining from other clothes. We carefully wash these items by hand with formulated PH balanced soaps and line-dry them.


Drapery & Comforters

These large items are difficult to wash at home because they do not fit in most washing machines. Shelby’s Dry Clean Delivery Service washes these items for you, whether they need a general cleaning or stain removal. Your drapes and comforters will be fluffy, fresh, and brilliant when you get them back! You will be able to replace them on your bed and the windows immediately.



We can replace broken zippers on boots, jackets, pants, and handbags so you can continue to use your favorite items once again. This will also allow you to get even more life out of them as well.

Dress Hem


If you need a too-long pair of pants shortened, or to shorten a dress that is dragging on the floor, we also create hems. Bring us the garment you wish to have altered, and be prepared to try it on for us. Our sewing experts will measure just how much fabric we need to hem for you, and get the item back to you as soon as possible!

Clothing Repairs


Shelby’s Dry Clean Delivery Service is available to repair any clothing item that has tears, seam separation, holes, or missing and loose buttons and/or snaps.

If you require any of these services, feel free to stop in or give us a call to discuss what you need today!

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